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    Whether you’re a one person show enjoying the freedom of working from your home office, or you’re looking after the needs of fifty or more employees - whatever your situation, we can help.

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    We provide the best group employee health benefits solutions for businesses of all sizes. And, to top it off, we can make it affordable.

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    We work with all of the major carriers including the Chamber of Commerce Group Benefit Plan which is referred to as the #1 benefit plan in Canada for small businesses.

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    We offer plans of all shapes and sizes. If you want to start your plan with less drug coverage or lower dental limits, we can customize it for you!

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    We work with the Chamber of Commerce Group Benefit Program which pools their claims with over 31,000 other Canadian companies just like yours.

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    We do work with a number of programs that have no requirements, meaning that if all employees but one are covered through their spouses, a benefits plan can still be put in place.

  • Privacy Policy


    This Privacy Policy describes the collection, protection, and disclosure of the personal information Theriault Financial Inc. (“TFI”) collects as an insurance broker to facilitate your insurance needs. It is your right to choose not to provide us with some or all of your personal information, or to deny us the use or disclosure of your information for certain purposes. If you exercise this right, please be aware that we may be limited in our ability or not be able to assist you with obtaining coverage.

    Our (“TFI”) privacy practices are part of a corporate commitment to respect individuals, from plan sponsors and participants, to our own employees.  As a long-standing member of the financial services industry, we have always worked to ensure that our business practices prevent any breach of confidentiality and work to maintain the highest standards of conduct.

    Throughout the course of our relationship with you, Theriault Financial Inc. may collect personal information from you. This information typically includes “know your client” information about your personal circumstances, including your financial situation and your investment objectives, as well as information about your investments, banking information, social insurance number and medical information. We (“TFI”) recognize the sensitive nature of such information and will only use the information for the purposes of administering your account and complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

    We (“TFI”) will contact you and obtain your consent if it ever becomes necessary to use your information for any other purpose.


    The purpose for which we will collect and use your personal information is central to our providing you with our services. We (“TFI”) will consider that you continuing to maintain your account with us constitutes your consent to our continuing to collect, use and disclose your personal information. In the future, if Theriault Financial Inc. identifies a new purpose for collecting, using or disclosing your information, we will seek your consent before doing so.

    When you sign up for insurance, Theriault Financial Inc. will obtain all the information needed directly from your employer or from you (application forms, health statement forms etc.). This may include name, address, phone number, age, occupation, salary, family status and answers to basic health questions. In some cases, additional health information may be requested in order to determine your eligibility for coverage. When you make a claim for benefits, we may also assist the insurance provider collect information to determine the eligibility of the claim, and the nature of the expense. We (“TFI”) may contact you, your health care professionals or other benefit providers. All this information will be collected with the individual’s knowledge and consent. We (“TFI”) will make every reasonable attempt to keep this information accurate and current, and ask that you advise us of changes in order to keep our records up-to-date. This will allow us to provide you with the best service possible.


    Theriault Financial Inc. makes every effort to ensure that the information collected is protected against loss and unauthorized access, whether in electronic (website, email etc.) or paper format (fax, courier, mail etc.). Our (“TFI”) systems are designed to prevent unauthorized access and, within our organization, we limit access to your personal information to only those individuals who administer your group plan or policy. Your personal information is kept only as long as it is needed to administer your group plan or policy and fulfill regulatory obligations. Our organization has policies and procedures in place to securely delete or physically destroy all personal information when it is no longer needed. Lastly, Theriault Financial Inc. protects the confidentiality of your personal information when dealing with other persons or organizations’, ensuring it is not used for any unauthorized purpose.


    We (“TFI”) may provide information to companies that perform services on our behalf.  As a result, we may disclose your personal information to organizations such as but not limited to:

    • Insurance carriers in which you invest or from which you obtain your insurance coverage and service providers providing benefits under your group contract;

    • Physicians or other health care institutions;

    • Your authorized representatives, such as individuals with Power of Attorney or your Group Plan Administrator;

    • Government and regulatory bodies where required by law

    Theriault Financial Inc. does not disclose your information to any organizations to use for their own purposes, and in particular never sells or trades your personal information.



    You may at any time ask what information has been collected about you and what it is used for. Your request should be submitted in writing to the address provided below in the CONTACT INFORMATION section. You will be required to provide proof of your identity.


    If you have any comments, inquiries or complaints about our handling of your personal information, we encourage you to contact your insurance provider or alternatively, you may contact our Privacy Officer:

    J. Lynne Theriault

    Theriault Financial

    157 Wyse Road

    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3A 1M5

    Phone: (902) 434-9088

    Fax: (902) 434-9999

    E-mail: lynne@tfi.cc